Friday, January 18, 2008

Bees behind siding Jan 2008

Bees were entering an exterior wall through deteriorated siding.

When the siding was removed eight feet of comb was inside the wall. The bees

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Bee Removal Mobile Home Jan 2008

The bees were entering the floor space under the mobile home through a hole in the paper covering. The owner said he had sprayed back in October and again in November, but he still had bees.

When the paper covering was removed the bees and comb were revealed. The bees and comb were removed.

A closeup shows several empty queen cells. They are the larger cells, one near the center and the other lower right. This colony had swarmed recently and half the bees had left with a new queen.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Removing bees behind hurricane shutter Jan 2008

This hurricane cover over a sliding glass door was left in place well after hurricane season had passed. The home owners were seeing a few bees inside but thought they were in the attic. The blinds covering the sliding glass door were never opened so they never saw the large nest behind the plywood and up against the glass.

I did an inspection outside and saw the bees entering behind the cover through a space left around the upper track of the door.

After the plywood panels were removed the large nest the bees had built in just a few weeks was exposed. The bees were vacuumed off into the bee-vac and the comb cleaned off the tracks and glass.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Removing bees from a wall Jan 2008

The bees were entering the wall through a space under the window air conditioner. When it was installed a hole was cut in the wall and no blocking was put in to close off the wall space. Also, no trim was put around the edge of the air conditioner to seal the wall space. There was a half inch gap between the air conditioner and the siding. This allowed bees and wasps free access to the wall void. We cut into the drywall and found paneling under the drywall. We removed it and found the bees had built comb from under the air conditioner to the floor and up the side and started more comb at the ceiling. My son A.J. is shown vacuuming bees off the back of the paneling.
This photo shows the comb from the bottom of air conditioner down to the floor. A.J. is using the bee-vac to capture the bees. The comb was removed and then we discovered it continued up the side of the air conditioner up to the ceiling. We removed all the bees and comb.

This picture shows the entire opening made to remove all the bees and comb. After scraping all the wax off the interior of the wall it was coated with an oily repellent. The wall board was replaced and a trim strip and caulk was added on the outside to keep bees from entering the wall void.
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